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An alcoholic beverage which contains Evan Williams bourbon whiskey, 180 proof Everclear, and root beer with a dollop of ice cream on top. You must finish this drink before the ice cream melts or you will not get its full effect. This will fuck you up.
Dude, I got so fusterclucked this weekend!
Dude, did you see Nicole last weekend? She had two fusterclucks and was puking everywhere!
Xavier tried to drink a fustercluck in two minutes. He was in the hospital for two days.
by Thetwins February 15, 2012
1 1
An alteration of clusterfuck that can be uttered in public places such as the work place.
This place is a total fustercluck.
by monsieur dude August 07, 2008
88 9
Transpositive derivation of cluster fuck, commonly used if a small child, manager, Jehovah's Witness, or HR person is within earshot.
"So the job was a total cluster fu..." Thad stopped himself, eyeing his 3 year old daughter watching him intently, "...fuster cluck."
by Scary Mike June 10, 2004
37 7
A fucked-up clusterfuck. The worst possible situation or outcome, usually applicable to a group effort.

"We're way over budget, we're late, and the damn thing doesn't work. This project is a complete fustercluck!!!"
by whothehellevencares July 20, 2008
52 28
In Zelda: Ocarina of Time, when enough chickens are agitated enough to cause them to violently converge upon their aggressor.
I was in a hurry riding through Lon Lon Ranch to refill my milk when I accidently caused a fustercluck.
by RadicalLibrarian December 05, 2011
20 10
A group activity that results in pure stupidity.

A whole bunch of people hoping on the good foot and doing the bad thing
YOu guys are the biggest group of fusterclucks I have ever scene.

Now that we are all here lets fustercluck!
by William Nichols April 01, 2004
39 36
N. A dislexic man or woman who constantly makes mistakes.
He has his shirt on backwards...what a fuster cluck!
by boardcrafter January 04, 2011
2 2