biggest fucking faggot to ever live in maryland.

fuse started to get pictures of little boys, his wife wants to kill herself.

fuse has no friends and got kicked out of the army and went to jail...he is a loser and is really ugly. his wife is ugly too.
wow look at that fag over there, hes almost as gay as fuse.
by guitarded owns u April 13, 2004
Fuse is a drink. Plain and simple. Its not a rap music video station. Nothing to do with anything electrical. FUSE IS A DRINK.
person 1: Hey man did you bring the beer.

person 2: Beer... who needs beer? I brought fuse!
#crunk #pimp juice #grape drink #koolaid #drink
by Jake Fletcher June 20, 2006
a channel that had a really good premise, then was ruined by emo music. true they show more music than both vh-1 and mtv combined, but emo music isnt really music. i liked it when they showed the ledzeppelin dvd thing, but even then they got a whole bunch of crappy emo bands to come on and say how much they liked led zeppelin and how much it influenced them. meanwhile, their drummer mr. bonham was rolling in his grave. fuse would be so much cooler if they didnt try to go after the same group of people ALLL DAY LONG ie. emo kids who are between 13 and 15 maybe.
hey do you like fuse? whats that a music channel or something? no it cant be, they dont play real music. the music on the history channel is better than that shit.
#emo #fag #fuse #tv #music
by rilesworth July 23, 2006
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