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The act of shoving your penis down a Furby's throat and having a Cabbage Patch Kid toss your salad at the same time.
Guy one: Man, why do you look so tired?
Guy two: Dude, I got 10 furz after the club last night, you would be tired too.
by LaMichael Furz November 28, 2010
German word for 'fart'
The verb would be 'furzen' = to fart
Ich furze = I fart
Du furzt = you fart
Er/Sie/Es furzt = he/she/it farts
Wir furzen = we fart
Ihr furzt = you fart (plural)
Sie furzen = they fart or to call sb. "Sie"; to use the polite form of address to sb
by Alexander-ger February 05, 2008