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A person who refuses, by any means, to attempt to understand furry or the furry fandom as a whole. These people commonly hang out on provided forums mostly in a bad attempt to make the members of the furry fandom angry or to cause problems in general with said group. Such "furry haters" generally have nothing better to do and hang out on any forum they can get their hands on for the sole purpose of spreading their drivel and to get others who know nothing of the furry fandom to hate the group. Furry haters generally resort to childish insults and games just to induce a reaction. Nothing can be said to change their minds at all. Some of the worst furry haters come from the furry fandom itself as they have been burned in some way (see burned fur).
This furry hater constantly makes posts in a forum that are hateful towards furries.
by JAFO May 17, 2004
Normal people that hate and insult furry fandom members, the worst, ugly and sick fandom ever.

The principal reason of hating is the furries BELIEVE to be normal people and try to post their "art" and "ideas" on non-furry communities, molesting others.
the furry haters are pissed because furries spam pictures on their forums.
by Pedro Oso November 11, 2007
Someone who, not only disagrees with the idea of a furry, but does so violently.

These people usually have never even attempted to understand the furry culture, nor have ever considered just shutting up and letting the furries do their thing and doing their own thing themselves.

Furry Haters are frequently seen in furry focused forums and chatrooms, there only to troll.
A: is a furry hater, B: is a furry

B: Hi room! :3
A: hey...
B: Hey there B *glomps, tail wagging
A: *pushes the stupid furfag off him and shoots him in the balls
B: wtf, what's wrong with you?
A: stfu you stupid faggot, you don't deserve to live.
by Raserith September 18, 2009
People who are ignorant (sometimes deliberately) about furries because they saw an episode of CSI and think it makes them an expert on furries.

People hate on furries because they don't know any better. People repeat all sorts of hateful B.S. about furries without questioning it, and that's sad.

What people say about furries says more about them than it does about furries.
Furry haters are just jealous we're having more fun than they are. I wish they'd get a life already.
by Beyonka April 07, 2006
The origin of this word is unknown.

People whose view on the 'furry fandom' drastically conflict with those in the 'furry fandom', and often results in 'trolling'; abusive, aggressive, or otherwise antagonistic behaviour, described as such due to the responses of those in the fandom - aka "Furries" - who take the actions and opinions of 'furry haters' as personal attacks. In many cases (YouTube is a good place to support this claim), 'haters' (broadly concatenated) will claim hatred for those in the 'fandom', and will proceed to virtually disapprove of everything and everyone involved or related to the 'fandom'.

Some rumours surrounding the reasons behind 'furry haters' is the belief that 'Furries' commit bestiality. While there is no solid evidence of this, it cannot be ruled out, simply due to probability and human diversity. It may be coincidental that a 'Furry' in the 'fandom' may commit beastiality, but again no proof exists.

Ethically, 'haters' may choose to 'hate on' (to commit acts of hatred against) 'Furries' due to the particular 'Fur's'/'Furry's' sexuality. This is rather a combination of perspectives, in so far as a dislike for 'Furries' as a whole, combined with a dislike for homosexuals/bisexuals.

Often, 'furry haters' will exercise defamation of character, an offence in the United Kingdom, and can be legally defended if the right advice has been sought.
A common term used by 'furry haters' is:

"Yiff In Hell Furfags!"
by DumuRaL_retry January 24, 2010
A person who likes to pick on Furrys for being who they are and say they are making the internet safer but in reality they are making it worse by starting fights
Furry Haters are not open minded
by gorud March 25, 2008
A useless person whos sole purpose on this planet is to make furries feel terrible. They are ignorant pricks who spend more time feeling starting useless arguements than helping themselves. Prejudice, ignorant, and useless are all words that discribe furry haters.
That furry hater tried to beat me up. He never messed with me again after I went berserk and bit him.
by Lupine Shawn January 28, 2005
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