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Skillfull bone master.
Furqan gets teh ladies
by Frank Stallone May 30, 2003
The One Who Can Tell The Difference Between Good & Bad. Quran-e-Majid..Furqan-ul-Hameed..
by Furqan October 13, 2003
A can wraped in a fur .
I say Geaves pass my Pep** fur - can would my good man .
by Elizabeth Macgehee May 30, 2003
See douchebag
My girlfriend wiped her puss with Furqan
by Samir July 19, 2003
It is when you are having sexual intercourse with a woman/man in the ass and he/she shits on your chest. You use the shit as lubricant on your cock as you ram it down his/her throat. When he/she gags, you take your dick out and slap him/her in the face. Hence, a Furqan.
"Man I totally pulled off a Furqan yesterday in the teacher's lounge!"
by kevin82 January 31, 2008