fur-bearing pet, specifically a cat
"fur people"
I got to get home to feed the furple.
by auryx September 28, 2004
Top Definition
When someone likes someone else romantically. This is not a big as a crush, but more then just friendship
e.g. "Aw, that guy is sweet, I think I furple him"
by Snashy August 18, 2012
slang for FUCKING PURPLE (caps necessary)
"My lighter isn't just purple, it's furple!"
by fireflyfreedom August 25, 2008
The third shade of purple
that books not purple! its furple!
by timthegreat4 September 11, 2008
Nickname for a skinny redhead.
Originated from a drawing of a small, purple, fuzzy thing.
"Hey, Furple, get me a sobe!"
by ashaface August 25, 2008
A wig for your pubes. Synonym for murkin.
That roller derby chick was wearing a furple that made her look like a Wookie.
by homeonwhoreisland July 23, 2010
The color of fur .
Everybody agrees that bigfoot's color is furple
by morewords February 14, 2008
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