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A Furo racecraft is a place where you can get your racecar hacked to death. The only thing the place is good for is wasting sawzall blades. The owner is a complete douche bag that will lie to your face about the time of day.

Ironicaly, the same moron that would lie about the time of day and who claims to be so busy that he cant answer a phone, is now making clocks with his name on it. Of course, the time is never right because he has no concept of what time really is.

2. To hack something up is to "Furo" something

3. A Furo Fest is an event to try to salvage a dying business that is run by a moronic, lying, con artist.

4. A place that has hacked up more than one "famous" guys car from chicago. he's done it to many different people around the midwest

5. A "furo check" is a check that is written on a closed bank account
Famous Furo Racecraft quotes:

"Sure, I can get it done by then or maybe 6 months later"

"If my name is on it, I'll have to cut more of it apart and really fuck it up"

"Advertising is not worth my time"

"Of course it takes 4 months to cut a car up, didnt you know that?"

"sure it's done, I'll bring it out on tuesday. I just wont tell you which tuesday that it will be"

"Will you please swing on my coin purse?"
by Harold Furo March 06, 2008
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