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the coolest last name ever! also a college in Georgia- Furman University (yep you guessed it FU)
Hey Furman - do you go to Furman?
by anonymous February 22, 2005
46 161
Furman University - a private, liberal arts college in Greenville, South Carolina.
Furman University ... FU all the time.
by furman08 August 07, 2006
99 14
It's actually in Greenville, South Carolina, not Georgia. FU all the time!
People that grew up in South Carolina and went to Furman University usually get pretty insulted when other people think your school's in a bassackwards state like Georgia, but I'm cool.
by Jackson Evil August 05, 2006
81 16
A cat that looks like a little man
erk fur man, pussy person
by palstick May 21, 2009
3 3