roz is a very strange person who likes pwning Landoverians with me, jonno and forny.
Hehehe monkeyblah im bored
by Leegamer February 25, 2005
Top Definition
The most retarded mod that ever existed. She's like, 10 years old and has no sense on how the hell to mod a forum. She acts like she's cool and thinks she's funny. People talk behind her back and crack jokes about her all the time.
Furious_D: Tee hee! Let's solve this over a cup of tea!

Everyone on MSN: Honestly, you're not funny, shut the fuck up and go shoot yourself.

See Dumbass
by The One January 19, 2005
Also known as Zero and Zeus, she's the most annoying stupid n00bish mod in existence, but everyone knows how kickass she is. Adores Jet Set Radio, text roleplaying, cats, and Gorillaz.
"Don't worry, Furious_D will probably unban you, especially if you ask in Klingon."
by Not Furious_D December 10, 2004
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