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A very hairy vagina. It looks like a furball.
Look at that hairy vagina! Its a total furgina!

by Bora1.8t December 09, 2006
A vagina with 7 feet of fur attached to it that you can braid, comb, dread, etc.
Man, her furgina was so long i totally braided that shit and then had to chop it off with a machete so i could see her damn cunt.
by scrotumloverboy October 17, 2005
a hairy vagina
"How was she last night?"
"I couldn't go through with it, she had the worst furgina that I've ever seen!"
by guy123918273918273 November 21, 2011
A hairy vagina.
Man your vagina is very hairy. You have a furgina
by baconator07 February 15, 2014