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A technique for rejecting suitors' advances by pinning them in the Friend Zone, popular among moderate to highly attractive women. Although the technique is effective against a broad variety of suitors, one typically only calls out the name of the technique before using it if the suitor is a weaboo and therefore will get the joke, realize it's on him, and yet still be willing to be friends even after being directly insulted, due to low self-esteem.
Weaboo: "You look just like this totally hot anime action figure I have! You should come over to my parents' house some time and I could show it to you. I can't take it out because it's in mint condi..."

Hottie: "Fu-REN-du-ZOU-no-JU-tsu!! Awww, thanks. See you around, okay?"

Weaboo: "...okay."

Snarker: "Furen Duzou no Jutsu, huh? So you guys are, what, juts friends?"

Weaboo: "Very funny."
by nerdgonewild January 22, 2010
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