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A gentleman who sniffs ladies bicycle seats.
Sir William Belvoir had a penchant for sniffing the parlour maid's bicycle seat. His Butler was at a loss to describe what his master did - so used the sound that Sir William made ... Furd!
by Gentleman Jim February 12, 2012
1 2
1: ugly as shit!
2: drunk or high
1: Damn, that girl over there is hella furd!
2: Man, i'm so furd right now; I don't think I can walk all the way to Remington.
by Elaonacidtrick November 14, 2009
41 12
Ugly. Wasted. Ugly because you are so wasted.
"Don't upload those pictures from last night to fb! Too many jello shots, I look furd in all of them."
by bittieson October 26, 2009
14 9
And ugly or extreamley unattractive person, esp. to be used in a joking manner.
"Donna said that boy was FURD!"
by Some Furd Kid April 08, 2009
10 6
1.A extremely ugly person.

2. Gucci Mane
3. Drunk and or high
4. Badness in any way shape or form
Gucci Mane, Polytechnic, Half of poly,

"Da gurl there is furd as hell"
by anomynous 456456 November 22, 2009
6 3
Combination of "fur" and "turd"... as in that thing your cat heaves onto your best rug that resembles a turd composed of fur.
Snowball stopped dragging her butt around on the carpet after she threw up that furd... she must have gotten some relief.
by Carl and Angie October 13, 2006
26 23
Starts off as a Fart and ends as a Turd
That might have been a Furd. I better go check myself.
by maddmannn April 17, 2009
14 12
Fart (unexpectedly) followed by a turd.
Billy: Oh damn, I crapped my pants!
Mary: Furd?
Billy: Yep.
by nightbreed666 October 16, 2013
1 0