wasnt me!!
by alison! February 25, 2003
Top Definition
A bunch of retards who use this forum for a purpose for which it was not intended.
Hello, I'm Furbyboy, and I am a god-damn motherfucking cocksucking sonofabitch. Hi!
by Josh January 03, 2004
a stupid boy, Dill.
Aka Kill Dill, Peeboy, and other names.
He's realllllllyyyyy annoying.
He pisses me off...>_>
by isolatedcatholicschoolgirls February 18, 2005
the person who wrote that please confront me now....stalker
by Anonymous February 25, 2003
keep on dreaming lil boy
by HAHAAA February 25, 2003
its called a joke...
by Anonymous February 25, 2003

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