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the act of transferring unwanted clumps of pubic hair from your mouth to another's, usually in the form of a kiss. Typically fur balling occurs during oral sex with an ill groomed partner.
OMG did you hear what happened to Laura last night?!?" | "No What?" | "Ryan was eating her out and started fur balling her" | "Ewww, serves the bitch right. She'll never miss another Brazilian wax!
by snowballing March 09, 2011
The act of giving a blowjob to the point of ejaculation, letting him cum in your mouth, and then spitting the cum out on the nearest cat.
"Did you just pet the cat? He's all sticky and matted."

"Oh damn, Amanda must have been furballing on him last night."
by A-Dazzle September 28, 2012