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n. Excessive hair in a woman's pubic region due to poor hygiene habits. Can be detected early if forearms are thick with dark hair or if beginning signs of a moustache are noticable.
Kiki: I decided to step up my game with Bambi last night.

B-Rad: How'd it go? Did you lay some pipe?

Kiki: HELL NO!! She dropped her drawers and had a fur diaper. I threw up and got the hell out of there.
by B 2 Da C October 05, 2005
(n) an extremely hairy crotch.
sue - the dude had a total fur diaper, it felt like I was sexin a bath mat.
by brandon September 03, 2003
Female genitals, specifically the vagina.
"I am going to get some fur diaper tonight!"
by macaloo May 01, 2008
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