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the worlds best word ever, can be used as a word on its own, part of a word, or as nearly everword in a sencence,
also safe to be used around young children and by those with the hilarious "c" "k" speach impeadiment,
a short tempered speach impaired nursery nurses best friend
1) fuppin
2) Abso-fuppin-lutely
3)fuppin fuppin that fuppin on that fuppin or i'll fuppin fupp you, fuppin fupper
by secondchoicename March 10, 2006

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A useless, moronic, pointless word. Used by idiots who are either to scared to swear properly or who are trying to act 'cool' but using this word.
"fuppin Scummers" "fuppin hell"
by Gall February 18, 2005