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A female mexican with gunt. see fupa ,chalupa and gunt
When I went down on Juanita she had a fupa chalupa and i had to lift it up in order to go to work.
by Scott Riel February 14, 2004
The fupa chulupa or the fupe chupe is simply when the womans fat ass fupa engulfs her big meaty taco, rendering the fupa chalupa.

"Daddy why is that fat bitch's stomach stuck between her legs?" "Thats a fupa chalupa, son"
by Tim Downs Brad Kaye December 02, 2006
a hispanic woman with a fupa or fat upper pussy area
seniorita has a fupa chalupa
by john w January 26, 2005
Noun. 1) An hispanic woman with a fupa (fatty upper pubic area) or gunt (cunt is taken over by the gut). 2) The fupa (gunt) of an hispanic women.
1) She is a fupa chalupa and I'm not going down on her!
2) Her fupa chalupa is sweating through her pants.
by B. Veater January 20, 2006
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