A male under 5' tall.
Ryan: "yeah, roan. You're not short you're funsized"
by roangt August 02, 2007
Top Definition
Short, cute. Usually that girl mate of yours that comes to everyone's shoulders and everyone loves.
Matt: You're short
Kaylee: I'm not short, I'm funsized!
by Pugwash the Pirate April 20, 2008
a word to decribe some one whom is cute and below average height.
Fun Sized person: I'm not short, I'm fun sized.
by 007N@te January 14, 2010
A woman usually of shorter height and with big breats and a nice firm ass.
John: Hey man did you go out with Lou?
Me: Yea man that girl is fun sized!
by Hesiophaestus December 20, 2009
another word for a short person
emily(a short person): hey whats up??
michael(tall person): nothin much. guess what?
emily: what?
michael: your fun sized!
by Mr. Zdawg May 03, 2008
A short girl who everyone loves. She is bubbly, sweet, and bounces around being friends with everybody. She has a great rack and will most likely ask you for piggy back rides.
Becca: Can I have a piggy back ride?
Dude: Of course you can. You're fun sized!
by arstdderpvelopment January 03, 2014
A term used to Describe a Girl who is Short Enough to give a guy a blow job without having to get on her knees.
John: how tall is Sally?
Max: dude she's funsized..
John: ooo... kinky..
by Xignys2b43i9 March 01, 2011
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