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anyone who is funny, but a retard at the same time. usually the name starts with an N or B or FB.
That girl is such a Funny Bunny!
by theanswer195301501 November 04, 2010

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a bunny that is a funny lookin and sorta weird and bites kids.
that bunny hurts...
its sure to be a funnybunny
by ilovejustindrewbieber December 30, 2010
When a young girl in her teens, early 20's has a love interest in a male but is unsure how to express her desire for companionship.
" Did you see how Carly was staring at me by the window? She was acting like a real funny bunny"
by Watermelon Fresh January 24, 2010
n. gay homosexual
some people say he's kind of a funny-bunny 'cause of those pink tennis shoes he wears.
by Anonymous April 04, 2003