A term used to describe a rather ugly looking guy who is in a relationship with a very attractive woman.
Person A: "Wow, did you just see that couple? She's way out of his league.

Person B: "Yeah, he must be a funny guy."
by birrrryy March 13, 2010
Top Definition
a person who thinks there funny when they are not funny at all.
"ollie is a funny guy"
by Tanya Blueshoe February 05, 2007
1. Someone who always has a joke.
2. Someone who's jokes get old quick.
3. Someone who forgot to take their
Ritalin before telling jokes.
Nice joke Funny Guy
by FizzelDonk July 27, 2003
When you funny guy someone, it is when you pin them down and shove their own fingers in their mouth. It helps to rub their spit on their fave with their fingers too.
Last night I funny guyed luked so bad.
by Caf May 30, 2005
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