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Very, very hungry.
I'm friggin' hungry! I'm fungry!
by Bretorious February 20, 2011
Fucking hungry....

combine the two and you get fungry

just a short sweet way of saying your hungry but getting your point across aggressively
Daniel: I'm so fungry i could eat a horse

James: Why don't you go eat?
by kechh August 11, 2009
extremely hungry (merger of "fucking hungry").
Man I'm really fungry cuz I haven't eaten all day!
by Will L June 08, 2005
1. Someone who is extremely hungry.
2. Abreviation of "Fucking Hungry".
"I'm fungry"
"I'm so fungry"
by PotatoChip March 24, 2003
Referring to the fact that you are starving for a funnel cake. This word is most commonly used at carnivals or fairs.

Of course, it can also mean that you're hungry for fun. Or maybe you're hungry for sex--whatever you consider fun.
Jamal: "Mom, can we please stop and get a funnel cake? I'm so fungry!"
Mom: "Sure, dear. Just after we go on the Tilt-A-Whirl!"
by Olivia8836 September 25, 2009
Fuckin hungry written in the same manner as the word fugly.
I just smoked so much weed! I'm fungry!

Geena was so fungry when her parents let her out of her room for the first time in a month.
by azn558 June 11, 2009
Fungry is when you are past Hangry and you are Fucken Hungry!

Starving and you are going to kill someone if you dont get food!
I am so past Hangry I am Fungry seriously I need food now!
by Dan Sekowski May 21, 2008