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When you are fucking hungry.
I havn't eaten all day I'm fungry !
by C-la March 27, 2009
(Fung-Re) Adj. A combination of the words F**king and hungry, to have an insatiable appetite
I ate 3 pizzas all by myself yesterday, man i was fungry.
by Max Bulgrin January 17, 2009
a combination of the words fucking and hungry; fucking hungry
"Oh my gosh. I am SO fungry!"
by O.B. September 24, 2007
The state or condition of being Hungry for fun.
"Are you going out tonight?"
"Yeah, I think so. I have been fungry all day."
by John Ford 13 November 29, 2006
The Condition Of One Being Fuckin Hungry. =]
gosh darn it, i am so motherfungry. then one must rawr at a high volume level
by Faith.<3 April 15, 2006
Fucking hungry; state when you're too hungry but trying to keep your composure without cursing
It's already 9 pm and I haven't eaten dinner! I'm so fungry!!
by Pingers91 June 15, 2011
Very, very hungry.
I'm friggin' hungry! I'm fungry!
by Bretorious February 20, 2011