When you're really,really fucking hungry!
I haven't eaten all day, i'm really fungry!
by Gregory Adam Francis Ryan September 14, 2008
An abbreviation of fuckin hungry.
Johnny hadn't eaten in days and declared that he was fungry
by mike_stx March 06, 2007
A word that means fucking hungry. Fungry is used to emphasize how absolutely hungry you are, which is usually extremely fucking hungry.
Travis, I haven't eaten ALL day. I am FUNGRY.
by A.loc August 23, 2009
fucking hungry, usually after smoking bud
Man, that dro made me real fungry.
by Jeremy Stewart December 24, 2005
an easier way of saying, "fucking hungry" but without actually swearing.
*in class*
Miss, I'm starting to get really fucking hungry! Can you let me out to lunch?

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

I'm sorry. I meant, I'm starting to get really fungry.

Okay you can go.

by boomtingz March 10, 2011
When your not hungry but just eat for the fun of it.
I hafe nfi why i am so fungry, i might have some boston cheese cake.
by S. Morello, A.Crispo December 23, 2008
An expletive that's root comes from both of the English words "Fucking" and "Hungry". Most commonly heard among the cannibis smoking tribes of the Northeastern United States, but the term has been spreading at a rapid rate.
I'm fungry. Tom looks fungry.
by buckingartist January 26, 2010

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