Extremely hungry, originates from fucking hungry
Goddamn I'm fungry.
by Jessica S. March 27, 2003
A combination of the works Fucking and Hungry.
Paul: Im fungry
James: I can go eat some vagina
Paul: I wish I could but I am a fag and dont get any ever
by Daryl "Rusty" Steelrod April 22, 2009
Fucking hungry, very hungry, really hungry, or extremely hungry.
"I'm fungry, nothing to eat in this crap house."
by Fr3nch fr13s June 11, 2014
When an individual is lacking necessary nourishment provided by food. Beyond "hungry." Fucking hungry.
"Dude, all I've eaten all day is a shitty sammich your girlfriend made me. I'm fungry."
by Reefer Church February 26, 2012
Really Hungry.
Johnny had not eating in three days. So he said to his wife, " I'm fungry make me a samich!"
by The Wikipedian August 09, 2011
its fuck + hungry, totally hungry, very hungry!
Damn where's the food man? Im fungry!
by faeyy November 09, 2010
Fucking hungry!
When is the pizza going to be here I'm so fungry!
by May Big Kadoody October 28, 2010
1. Fun-hungry. Like you really want to have fun.
Guy: Man, I am so bored. I want to have fun.

Guy 2: I know, I'm so fungry.

Guy: ... What?
by Call Me Email February 21, 2010
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