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A girl you can call over just to have sex with at anytime.Also,she only have sex with only you and nooneelse.
Boy:you coming over today?
Girl:what time you want me to be there?
Boy:how about at 9?
Girl:I'll be over there.
Boy:(hangs up the phone)now that's my fungirl!
by REDBIRD7 August 01, 2009
A group of girls who are able to go to any party, with any crowd, at anytime of day and have an amazing time. Usually girls who love to party and cant stand drama, they travel in packs of four and know the harshness of drunken hook-ups! They love dancing, singing, laughing and eating and especially the sun. Fungirls are people who know who their true friends are and know who not to trust. They love eachother just the way they are and know the four rules of life.
-"look at those cute girls on the dance floor!"
-"ya theyre the fun girls!"
by fg3 October 15, 2010
a girl who is completly oblivious of her surroundings; someone who just wants to have fun but carries herself in a manner to be clowned
Look at the fun girl ova thea, one more drink and that bitch is mine for the night
by JoeWrecker January 10, 2005

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