1.A l33t god, usually a person who shows incredible skill in whatever he does.
damn that guy is a fung....hes just too godly...
by Owner of a Monkey September 20, 2003
this guy is totally fung
by Owner of a Monkey September 22, 2003
A replacement of the word fuck, fuck is to be used instead of fung.
If you're friend's name is fung, he is now fuck
Bob: Hey fuck how you doin?
Fung: I'm fine, how are you?

And you fung instead of fuck now.
Bob: sup steve?
Steve: yo bob, did u fung becky?
Bob: Yah man, i funged the shit out of her, she was screaming to fung me harder. maaan we funged all night
by gbay2 August 08, 2007
A clean word for FUCK.
Go fung your mom.
by Jerryg225 March 05, 2010
when you work out for 30 days and during the 30 days you do not shower. Once the 30 days has passed you take your fingernails and scrape under your balls and the stuff under your fingernails is fung.
dude i haven't showered in a month, i gotta clean the fung outta my nails nigguh.
by Shorty FFE October 04, 2006
Fucked + hung = fung. IT/technical jargon. If a process/service is hung, and that is a fucked-up situation (usually the case with production processes), then the process is fung.
That nuclear core cooling process is fung -- fix it NOW!
by MartinD October 05, 2007
Finger up nose girl. can also be adapted to finger up nose guy.
check out that fung action!

fung was funging away in the corner
by fsdfsdfsdf December 02, 2007

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