People so anal they think that they believe that they are right and rest of world is crazy and should listen to whatever they think so they dont go to hell
Man that dude is one fucked up person, ah hes a fundamenalist no wonder he thinks even enjoying sex is wrong.
by Mr Smartass October 18, 2004
One who complains about all works of fiction better then the one which they live by.
Those fundamentalists think comic books, video games, and role-playing games are works of the devil and all who enjoy them will burn in hell.
by Pyro Infernos April 22, 2006
A person that believes so highly in whatever religion they follow that being around them is the same as being next to a giant vortex which saps all intellectual value of anything you, your friend or anyone else for that matter when talking about something that said fundamentalist believes in. Combats criticism with nut theories and idiotic gestures like saying "umm" and "keep and open mind".

Maybe they should abide by their beliefs in their responses. "Keep an open mind" can only apply to certain things, not "a radiator cannot weigh more than 300 pounds" Oh my god just thinking of the guy I'm basing this on makes me want to believe everyone is this way.

They like to go to extremes and punish anyone that doesn't abide by every thing that the bible says to do, not to do and what flavor of ice cream they should eat. They believe that whoever follows their own rules in the way they want to live life, they will go to hell.
A fundamentalist Christian by the name of William Jennings Bryan was the judge of the John Thomas Scopes case against him teaching evolution in school. Although it was against the law, he ignored everything in the First Amendment about NOT BEING ABLE TO RULE AGAINST RELIGION and ruled against Scopes. The supreme court of Tennessee revoked his punishment however, but they weren't fundamentalist. My god the world would be so much better without them.
by Kelly-PL November 01, 2007
A fundamentalist is a person who believes absolutely every word written in the Bible
Taking the Ten Commandments deadly serious.

A fundamentalist following the words of God to the extreme.
by daddy's_girl217 November 02, 2007
Over the top believer, normally believe the untrue stereotype that atheists are satanists and hate god. Are so blind to logic that they sometimes think science is an evil created by satan, such as medicine and so on.
Fundamentalist: If evolution is real, how come monkeys are still around?
Sane person: If Americans descended from Europeans, how come there are still Europeans around?

Normally they don't believe due to massive misunderstanding's and lack of common sense
by Ridley Kraid May 06, 2008
Mental certainty. Fun at the start, never at the end. Someone who brings fireworks to Armageddon.
a. 'that's fundamentalist nonesense?!'

b. 'in the name of the Prince of Peace, die you doubter!'
by Hedley Clubnobber August 26, 2006
One who believes in an idea as "fundamental," the absolute, literal truth, adheres to the ORIGINAL version of the idea, is prepared to take action based on that belief, and is unlikely to change their mind.

Often misdefined as "fanatic". A person can be a fanatic and a fundamentalist, or only a fundamentalist, or only a fanatic, or neither.

The action taken by a fundamentalist depends on the nature of their belief. It can be a personal action which affects no one else, or an action which affects tens of thousands of others, or something in between. Can be positive or negative.

Can apply to any religion or ideology, also of a method of or pertaining to fundamentals.
Two of the most common usages:

"islaamic fundamentalist" - generally stereotyped as jihaadist. Not necessarily so.

"christian fundamentalist" - generally stereotyped as bigoted and in-your-face. Again, not necessarily so.

And a correct but uncommon use:
Music teacher: "You need to learn your instrument's fundamentals before you can play solos."
Kid: "Teacher is a fundamentalist."

by I have fundamentals too February 02, 2008
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