A person who gets stoned with a certain amount of bud but however, he or she is still at their full capacity to do certain tasks without an issue. A functional stoner can go to work or a public place and act completely normal as if they're not stoned.
John: You seen the video where Bob Marley smokes a lot of bud and then get back in the studio?
David: Yea damn how was he able to pull that off?
John: Dude, he is a functional stoner that's why
#stoner #loud #kush #bob marley #snoop dogg
by RaphDaGwapMan July 10, 2013
Top Definition
A person who smokes pot all day everyday but is still badass enough to get all their shit done.
I just did all my homework, I'm definitely a functional stoner.
#pothead #stoner #smoker #toker #weed
by So Bomb. February 19, 2010
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