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Funch: the fake punch.

Funching is the act of fake punching someone in the gut as a sign of macho friendship.
John regularly funches his buddies as a sign of friendship and camaraderie.

Jake threw a funch while passing Bob in the office.
by mpex January 21, 2009
0 9
According to Rawson's dictionary of euphemisms, funch is having sex at lunchtime.
Do you want to meet for funch today?
by Emlyn G. Vole October 22, 2003
137 51
When you combine LUNCH and SEX into the same event.
The girl I am seeing want's to meet me during my meal break for some Funch.
by LAFF April 23, 2004
65 38
to fuck during and/or for lunch
Today i met my boyfriend for funch.
by ckp78 January 25, 2010
9 5
Funch is a Southern variation on the more common usage of funch - a combination of "fuck" and "lunch." In the Southwest United States, funch is used to refer to something you will fuck then eat.
That sheep sure is pretty. I think I'll funch her.
by PrincessCuddleBunny August 03, 2010
15 14
An expression of anger; a self-censoring word to replace "fuck"
That mother funches funchnut! I funchin' told him to get the funches out here lest I funch him up!
by jack spencer December 13, 2003
2 4
Fucking after lunch.
"The chicken was great—now let's go have funch."
by Amazing Dude December 09, 2012
0 3
An uncomon slang word, not used much outside of Bristol, in England. Funch means 1 of 3 things, depending on how you use it. If you were to say: I want some funch, it would mean you want a blowjob. If you said: funch you, it would mean, fuck you, in any other context, it means whore.


Bob: I need some funch!
Sarah: Piss off!
by afromonkey200 January 20, 2010
2 7