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(noun) - a holiday celebrated on the first Tuesday following No-shave November; a holiday created for individuals who have successfully made it through No-shave November; an alternative for indivuals that decide to opt not to participate in Mustache Monday which is normally celebrated by wearing a mustache on the first Monday following No-shave November; Fumanchuesday takes place on Tuesday, when a man (or bearded woman) wears a Fumanchu (Handlebar Mustache). {This holiday and name were first created by JA McCarter AKA The Foo Man, who wore a Fumanchu on the first Tuesday following No-shave November in 2009}
Dustin: Hey man, what happened to your Novembeard?
JA: Don't you know that the first Tuesday after November is Fumanchuesday!?
Dustin: Hey man, you are really cool! I want to celebrate Fumanchuesday too!
#fumantuesday #foomantuesday #novembeard #mustache monday #no-shave november #don't shave december #fumanchu #handlebar mustache #mustache #beard
by The Foo Man December 12, 2010
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