Fire Under My Ass, to be used when work must get done and there's really no turning back. Saved exclusively for times when procrastination is NOT an option--basically, when its time to get your game face on and buckle down.

work work work work work work work...
Man! I haven't done work all semester, and my final is tomorrow--time for some serious FUMA!
by ChemKatie602 May 06, 2010
Top Definition
A fake ass pair of shoes resembling Puma.
Jennie - My feet don't hurt any more cause since my old man went into the pokey I got a pair of fuckin FUMA'S!
by Mogwhy February 19, 2010
An all-male military high school in central VA. Delinquent white kids and black football players are sent here so they can get into some sort of decent college. Usually spells the end of ones social life, at least for a while. Time is spent mostly by masturbation and sports.
Rick: Dang,whatever happened to Chris?
Steve: He got sent to FUMA.
by yehyeh November 02, 2004
A very large person,place or thing.
Damn that's one fuma bitch !
by anonx1000 February 21, 2011
military school in the boonies of virginia, filled with 'bad' kids and uneducated, pampered football players who couldnt pass a 1st grade spelling test. the water is brown, the weather always sucks, foods terrible (if ur lucky they dont spit in it), and the faculty enjoys watching you suffer. send your son here, he learns great tallents: how to rape a woman with his eyes, to hide a can of dip under a floor tile, and find cheep prices on weed. it really lives up to the motto- "success stories begin here!"
well dad, i just sold dip and weed all year- dont worry, its normal at FUMA
by FUMAHATER May 25, 2010
Military school in the middle of nowhere, Virginia, for guys from the ages of 12 to 18. Service doesn't reach cell phones and there isn't a single traffic light in town. Students are completely shut off from the opposite sex, and unless a special occasion, girls are not aloud to walk around campus. They march when they are bad, and at 150 demerits, they are kicked out.

Oh yeah, and the guys are really nice. they've been gentleman-ized.
Susie: hey, look.. a FUMA bus.
Lisa: yeah look at all of them plastered against the windows, lookin' at that girl.
Susie: and she's not even pretty!
by boardingskoolvictim May 07, 2005
Escort/John slang, means Finger Up My Ass.
After we did TUHA (Tongue Up Her Ass), we did FUMA.
by SoupNazzi March 17, 2006
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