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Chum is fum. Also, fum is chum. Krabby patties may also be fum. Coined from the television series, SpongeBob SquarePants.
"This chum is disgusting, but with a catchy slogan like 'Chum is Fum,' you can't go wrong!" Fred Fish.
by DolphinJumper July 19, 2009
Fum is chum. Chum is fum.
Fum is what chum is made of.
Chum is what fum is made of.

Fum cannot live without Chum, while Chum cannot live without Fum.
Dude, I love chum in my fum!

But fum is chum, asshole.
by Dexxturz July 04, 2011
acronym for "fucking ugly motherfucker", can be used to describe an ugly person while in close range without them noticing the insult.
"Hey, Larry"
"What's up Billy?"

"See that F.U.M. sitting over there?"
"hell yeah. that's a FUM"

F . U . M !
by BillynLarry2011 April 18, 2011
Acronym of "Fucked-Up Man"

For use when:
a) Girlfriend dumps you for cheating with her cat. (wait... WTF?)
b) Caught stealing (free) unattended samples at the supermarket.
c) When you drink toilet water soup, made by your 4-year old.
... or whenever you get fucked (at school, while driving, on the mattress, etc.)
I am officially a fum.

God, he is such a fum.
by timmyaung July 20, 2010
When you have enough money either won or saved to walk out of a situation typically at work. (i.e -- Fuck "U" Money)
I won enough F.U.M on the Derby, I don't need this fucking job anymore!
by triggerman May 03, 2008
When a male reaches orgasm and begins to ejackulate into their mate. Suddenly a uncontrollable release of gas from the anus is released with each ejackulate squirt.
Male: sorry babe. I fumed again.

Female: yea, that was weird.
by Nathanvancity February 25, 2014
Fucking up the bum
I fummed this girl last night
by theMLGscrub March 31, 2015

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