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The favourite term of all Lebs and Leb-wannabes. Usually followed by sounds that closely resemble that of a coffee grinder. Most of the time is said in an aggressive manner whether it is intended to be so or not. Although not quite known, its meaning is said to be similar to when a male gorilla beats his chest. Therefore it can be used as both a form of acknowledgement and a warning.
"Lets go to Bankstown!"

"Fully Sick Bro!"

"Hey Habib, ur a stupid fuck!"

"Fully Sick Bro!"
by D.E March 18, 2004
Why did the leb go to hospital?

Cos he was fully sick, bro!!!
Leb1 : Hey Pauli, check out da WRX!
Leb2 : Woah bro! Fully sick!
by billus April 01, 2004
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