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To Go "full mental jacket". A play on the phrase to go "full metal jacket", made more popular in conversation following the Stanley Kubrick film. To go into a mental irrational verbal tyrade or rant completely unprovoked and exaggerated to the point of WTF.

To lose one's mind verbally on another person unprovoked, going into a complete insane rant making little sense at all, either in text online, comments, blogs, flaming, or in person.
Janie: I am so hungry, I couldn't wait for class to end.
Zena: Assholes like you make me wish breeders would stop having children. You pussy, skank, ho, bitch....
Janie: wtf is wrong with you? I just said I was hungry and you went full mental jacket on me, You need help, srsly.
by alsonotyou October 28, 2010
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