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When you score four times, and then she blows your brains out.
Mary Todd didn't have the endurance to give me the Full Lincoln, so I seceded.

If only I had a sturdier Lincoln Log, then she'd have given me the Full Lincoln treatment.
by Monster Cock Bros. August 04, 2010
When you have sex for 3 hours, approximately equivalent to the duration of the movie Lincoln (2012).

The phrase was first used in the movie Sex Tape (2014).
"Who has sex for 3 hours...?! That's the length of the movie Lincoln. You did the full Lincoln!"
by lbeesntdeirx April 06, 2014
To have sex longer than the movie Lincoln. A phrase made popular in the 2014 movie Sex Tape with Jason Segel, and Cameron Diaz.
Me: Hey did ever get it in with that chick you met at the bar last night?
Zach: Yeah bro, I gave her that full Lincoln!
by zmfk April 02, 2014
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