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when a female lets her pussy-licking urge takeover her everyday life. She becomes so obsessed that she will do anything for this person including; purchasing high priced items, mentioning her name as much as possible, fufilling her every need, and of course licking on her pussy.
Example #1:

I did have someone to go to lunch with until that fucking carpet diver went Full Lez on me.

Example #2:

Bob: I can't wait to go to Vegas!

Roger: Yeah! Me too!!

Macy: Hey guys.. I can't go because Leslie called and needs me to rub her feet.

Gary: But, We are boarding our flight!!

Macy: Yeah I know sorry...

Bob: Damn!!! I hate it when she goes Full Lez!
by Mr. Sandwiches Sr. December 10, 2011
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