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The act of throwing away political correctness and speaking the truth with righteousness.

The meaning for the word Bigot has been changed by liberals to attack conservative Christian values. By the use of "Full Bigot" or "going Full Bigot" we embrace the word, and use it as a "Go all in" approach to attacking liberalism and the tenets of their liberal ideology. In doing so we set an example to the silent majority, that they may one day defend marriage, family values, defend life, profess the Christian religion and its social and moral teachings.
liberal conversation goes here ---> " ".

Me: Don't make me go Full Bigot on you.

Liberal: Socialism is a good thing.
Conservative: *Deep Breath. OK, I'm going Full Bigot, Lets dance.

Nancy Pelosi: My Catholic Faith ‘Compels’ Me to Support Same-Sex Marriage.
Me: Oh, it's Full Bigot time.
#bigot #awesome #values #conservative #christian
by Joe Mantis2 March 28, 2013
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