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When you use curse words so much, particularly the phrase "fuck it," and you want to cut down on saying it. Instead, you use it as one word pronounced "fuhh-ket" instead of fuck it. That way you don't feel as bad saying the word "fuck." Get it? If you don't, well then fuhket, I tried.
Person #1: "Oh shit, I think I drank one too many beers."
Person #2: "What do you mean?! There's no such thing!"
Person #1: "Fuhket you're right, pour me a shot!!"


"Damn I'm on Twitter jail, fuhket I'll get on Instagram."


Person #1: "That female is a baddie."
Person #2: That's not a female, that's a tranny!
Person #1: Fuhket, she's a baddie tranny then.


To tell you the truth i'm suppose to be writing an essay at the moment, but instead i'm here informing you guys about this super cool word. FUHKETTTT THUG LIFE
by MaddyBee September 14, 2012
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