Fugu means a blowfish in Japanese. Blow fish makes its body bigger when they are threaten, and their intestine is poisonous it could kill a cow with a small drop or its juice. Small Asian could say "fug u" instead of "fuck you."
why is this guy bothering me?

He is Asian and saying to you fug u instead of fuck you.
by Goodchild May 05, 2013
Top Definition
The flesh of the puffer fish, which is considered a delicacy in Japan. However, since puffer fish also store a potent neurotoxin (Tetrodotoxin) in its organs (but not its flesh), if not prepared properly, eating of fugu can lead to death.
"I really want to try fugu. It's a considered quite a delicacy in Japan."

"Yeah, you mean just like Hentai tentacle porn?"
by Peezee-Ark October 05, 2003
A pufferfish, eaten as a delicacy in Japan after the removal of the skin and certain deadl poisonous organs. It usually takes a highly trained chef to master the removal of the skin.
"Ah, yes I'll have the fugu."
by DiiKaBaKa January 23, 2004
A quick phrase you can yell at or say to someone. Loosely translated as: fuck you.
"Dude, that band Non-legit and the Luchadors suck!"
by Lulucha May 10, 2010
Sweating in the vagina ("don't aply for males, transgenders or fags")
This summer is killing me, i don't stand this terrible fugus on my twat.

by Hehe im a secret ._. March 10, 2008
n.) A particularly nasty vagina.
Man, that bitch's snatch is NASTY! She's got a fugu!
by Kyle G January 19, 2006
An alternative to the two pleasants words, FUCK YOU!
Hey, Fugu budday!
by Seve-o® September 19, 2003
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