A short abbreviation for the term "fucking ugly".
"Damn, I saw that gi and she was absolutely fugly."
by Cod90Gamer February 16, 2015
Fugly is a combination of 'fucking' and 'ugly'. It can only be used to describe one thing in the world and that is the Saturn Aztec. The Aztec is incredibly fugly and only a blind idiot would buy it.
Pulling into In-n-Out, James, Gabe, Jordan, and Max noticed the Aztec. "The Aztec is the fugliest car on earth!" James exclaimed, "That car is pretty fugly" agreed Gabe.
by mimetokyo August 07, 2014
When one is fucking ugly
Derek: Do you know that fugly girl?
Wes: Oh yeah, her name's Lindsey
by a real niggah November 11, 2012
While commonly meaning "fucking ugly" and can also mean "fat and ugly"
That dude Evan is FUGLY.
by tbag32 February 20, 2012
When something or someone is extremely hard to look at. Very unattractive. So much so, you tend to say that's 'fucking ugly', so the 2 words are combined to make FUGLY.
KIM: Damn Gina, look at his face.... Gina: that's a face only a mother could love. Kim: he's just Fugly.

Dan: wow this house is dilapidated Josh. Josh: it'll be hard to sell this FUGLY looking piece of work.
by Kiss Sin November 09, 2011
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