Too much ugly
Margaret Tatcher is fugly
Miquel Jackson, he make him self fugly.
by Yim (yimgame) December 21, 2008
someone who is not just ugly;
but ridiculously ugly.
also known as: fucking ugly
someone no guy or girl dates.
-See that girl over there?
-Isn't fugly.
--Most definitely.
by woah_itsnicole June 13, 2008
fugly, adj. to be fat and ugly. see busky
I don't recommend going in there. There are tons of fugly chicks.
by Nate Clements April 05, 2008
someone whose really ugly, but you end up fucking when soo drunk
omg, did you see that f'ugly i went home with last nite?!!!!
by Abski February 18, 2008
Fucking ugly , really ugly pearson
Daire is a fugly boy isn't fugly
by December 22, 2007
Adjective describing adjectives Fat, Ugly, usually describing sexually active, provocatively dressed girls who are total bitches. AKA Sluts, to anyone who didn't know. Known to be in the movie Mean Girls.
Look at her, what a fugly slut.
by PeepChuck November 01, 2007
A conjunction of the word "ugly" with either "fat" or "fucking". "Fat" being an additional description to ugly, "fucking" is moreso used to describe the intensity of the ugliness.
Nasty overbite, horrible dandfruff, relentless, that dude is fugly.
by Reginald Emmett McCafferty June 09, 2007

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