While commonly meaning "fucking ugly" and can also mean "fat and ugly"
That dude Evan is FUGLY.
by tbag32 February 20, 2012
When something or someone is extremely hard to look at. Very unattractive. So much so, you tend to say that's 'fucking ugly', so the 2 words are combined to make FUGLY.
KIM: Damn Gina, look at his face.... Gina: that's a face only a mother could love. Kim: he's just Fugly.

Dan: wow this house is dilapidated Josh. Josh: it'll be hard to sell this FUGLY looking piece of work.
by Kiss Sin November 09, 2011
Fuckin ugly!
OR; fat and ugly!-fugly!
"Dude, see that chick over there?"
"She asked me out!"
"Ha, wow your cool. Cause that bitch FUGLY!"
by Mario! April 05, 2009
this describes anyone or anything that is that " fuckin ugly"
" hey, did you end up going home with that girl from the bar?"
" no way she was too fugly."
by smart mart April 03, 2009
Too much ugly
Margaret Tatcher is fugly
Miquel Jackson, he make him self fugly.
by Yim (yimgame) December 21, 2008
someone who is not just ugly;
but ridiculously ugly.
also known as: fucking ugly
someone no guy or girl dates.
-See that girl over there?
-Isn't fugly.
--Most definitely.
by woah_itsnicole June 13, 2008
fugly, adj. to be fat and ugly. see busky
I don't recommend going in there. There are tons of fugly chicks.
by Nate Clements April 05, 2008

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