abreviation for the term, "fucking-ugly"
* dam, Ian's fugly!

*that's one fugly camel!
by Grimzee September 07, 2007
Really ugly.

A adjectival combination of fucking and ugly, used for stronger emphasis.
She looked good from a distance but up close she's fugly.
by j260 August 07, 2007
someone that is super mega ugly!
Someone that is said to be f***in ugly!
She's a super mega f'ugly with a moldy mango twist, complexion like a pizza with warts and molds and zits!
by ray devine May 28, 2007
Fucking Ugly. A person, object or place that is so beyond hideous, you can't just use ugly.
Does that girl understand how fugly that outfit is?
by AymeeJ June 28, 2006
I mixture of "Fucking" and "Ugly". Mostly used as an insult towards others.
"Damn, dat nigga Osvaldo fugly as shit"
by Osvaldo Perez December 14, 2015
It is either a merging of the two words "fat" & "ugly", or the the merging of the phrase "fucking ugly". The latter is the more commonly known definition.
"Aw man, I hooked up with the most fugly girl last night, I was really drunk to be fair!"
by Zay Kay August 31, 2015
a shortened version of "fucking ugly"
Sean Gassaway is fugly
by Truthful Sarbear July 28, 2015

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