Used to describe an unattracive person in a humourous way.
"Maaaaaan did you see that chick? She was FUGLY as!"
by weirdbabe February 26, 2006
a fucking ugly girl, comes from the film, mean girls
oh my god, look at her, shes a fugly slut
by *dave* June 20, 2005
To call someone or just someone that is fucking ugly. You take most of the word fucking off and just add f to ugly.
Lol!!! That radio dj just called miley cyrus fugly.
by sage thunder April 16, 2010
there are actually two definitions for this word:

1. Fucking ugly
2. A person who is fat and ugly is referred to as fugly. Worse than just being ugly, but better than being fat, ugly and stupid.
"Man, did you see that girl? she was fugly as hell, bro!"
by DeDray April 12, 2010
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