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A man and a woman who are feral and/or ugly together
i.e Richard and Hannah were both ugly and feral, they made a fugly couple
by Rich123456 December 11, 2006
the worst of the worst. if your fugly you should kill yourself
john called her fugly. the next day she slit her wrists
by the goocht June 08, 2005
In technical circles, such as engineering, this word is sometimes used to describe a "solution" that mostly works but is a really horrible, inelegant design.

The connotation is often intended to mean "yes, this works *today* to solve the immediate problem, but it's a lousy way to go in the long term."
That interrupt handler you wrote in Visual BASIC is pretty damned fugly!

You sealed the biocontainment chamber with duct tape? That's seriously fugly, and I think I'll wait outside while you finish the experiments.
by syscrusher July 04, 2010
Anyone you is very fucking ugly
Ew look at that fugly git!
by Cas Carrigan January 15, 2008
When someone is so offensively ugly that looking at them might actually light you on fire.
Ooooh boy he is fugly.
by jlee19 October 25, 2007
To be ugly to the point that it become rediculous, so much so, that it is mandatorily combined with the word "fucking". Hence, FUCKING UGLY, is shortend to the somewhat compound word, "Fugly". Mostly due to the fact that whatever is being described is so immensly hideous, that saying "Fucking Ugly" just doesn't seem to cut it.
Now that is one fugly son of a bitch!
by Josh the Amazing November 18, 2005
Every one else is wrong the correct definition is:
Fugly Fuckable but ugly.
Damn dude that girl you took home last nite was FUGLY!
by Jay Manwhat June 16, 2007