Fucking ugly
Ugly with an f
F with an ugly
"Your ugly, bitch."
"Well you're a fugly sow-ass."
by Violetownz December 28, 2007
people who are so extremely ugly when you look at them the flesh melts off your face and you suffocate and die.
omfg......... she is fugly
by Cincodemayobetch November 29, 2007
Made popular by the moive Mean Girls; Short for Fucking Ugly or Fat and Ugly
"OMG! Marissa was wearing those purple leggings again! HAHA! Shes so fugly!!"
by SillySally55 August 06, 2007
some one that is fu**in ugly ...hence the "f" on the ugly
oh my days...look at her shes fugly !!
by Gingerrrrr March 07, 2007
Someone who is either fucking ugly or fat and ugly. Usually before another put down. Used in extreme cases of anger or ugliness.
This girl is the nastiest skank bitch I've ever met. Do not trust her. She is a fugly slut.
by OhioStater June 21, 2005
Fucking Unbelievably Gorgeous Like Yourself.
That girl is so F.U.G.L.Y.....in the good way.
by IrresistableAshGirl July 25, 2010
Fugly fucking ugly , unpleasent sight
Man that bithc if fugly.

Jimmy told his elementary teacher "your fugly"
by Thomeshia "meshia" May 23, 2008

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