Fucking Ugly.
Jane is Fugly because she hasn't hit puberty yet.
by Gay McRaffinsnuffleherzinmyer December 04, 2009
F*cking Ugly
Person 1: Those skinny jeans are fugly
Person 2: Your mullet is fugly
Person 1: Go screw yourself
Person 2: Ur gay
by mistergayass November 03, 2009
A very ugly person
That girl is so ugly she is fugly
by instructor bob September 02, 2009
Fugly is short for Fucking Ugly .
Damn look at those Fugly things .
by ..SKUTZ.. July 16, 2009
A cool nickname for a bastard that annoys you,just call them "fugly" and watch the effects,and also means "fuck ugly" or "fucking ugly".

Other variations are "Fuggers","Fugs Funny and Sir-Fugs-A-Lot
"Hey fugly,what's up?"
"Dont call me that!!!"
"Ok fugly"
by Linx468 June 29, 2009
A combination of the words "fucking" and "ugly"
Whoa, that bitch is fugly!
by theAntiELVIS April 19, 2009
fucking ugly
fat or not attactive fugly person
by Pamila Caroline Thompson March 18, 2009

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