A combination of fucking and ugly. Probably discovered when someone was mad and talking really fast. It can sound stupid, but not when used correctly. It can't be used lightly, but calling someone "fucking fugly" is acceptable. Sometimes is can also mean "fat and ugly" or "fucking fat ugly fuckey mcfuckfucks" the ladder being my favorite.
person 1= uhm, she looks kind of fugly today...
person 1= oh, okay. then how about, what a fucking fuck fuck fugly fucker fugly fuck fuck mcfuckson.
person 2= THEEEEEERE we go. oh, but shes not, you are, BITCH!
by kccc =] June 10, 2007
One who is usually fat, ugly, and tries to deny it.
That Serena Perrault is such a fugly bitch.
by A non fugly bitch February 19, 2013
(adj.) fucking ugly, so ugly that one winces when looking at this object/person.
You see that girl on the horse? Her name is Andrea. Ugh, I can't even look at her for too long. She's so fugly!
by nininninininicole November 02, 2011
A combination of the words Fucking and Ugly, typically reserved for especially beastly girls. Often preceeded by the word "Fucking."
"Holy shit bro...check out that fucking fugly slampig by the pull tabs."

"Wow, she's in a league of her own....but it's almost bar close and i'm empty handed so far....let's do these shots, than i'm gonna go talk to her."
by Dr. Definition1001 October 19, 2011
The name for a very particular type of bong from the town of Bonnyrigg, Scotland.
1. Mate, you gonna' get Fugly out for a toke?
2. Shit, you can't let the po see fugly-bail man!
by __titch October 12, 2011
A common abbreviation for the words "fucking" and "ugly".

Also occasionally used to describe a merely semi-attractive female porn actor commonly from homemade films. In this usage, "fugly" can be an abbreviation for either of "fuckable ugly" or "fappable ugly". A fugly is sometimes desired for a more realistic fapping when the fapper realizes that drop-dead gorgeous porn actors are way out of his reach, a thought that can sometimes be a complete bonerkill.
Anonymous 12/21/12(Fri)7:06:28 No.567293666

Post some fuglys. Give me a realistic fap. I don't want to fap to something I know I'll never be able to get.
Preferrably Motherless links.
by Anomalouse September 28, 2011
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