Fugly : adjective, contraction of the words "fucking" and "ugly"
It's fugly !!!
by DevilInsidE August 08, 2011
eww, shes so fugly!
by arianne! August 17, 2010
An extremely fat, skanky, bitchy, boyfriend stealing, fucking ugly, whore.
Girl 1: "Did you see Lindsey McCormick in Chester the other day?"
Girl 2: "Yes she is sooo fugly!"
by Ninjja. June 26, 2010
It means flippin' ugly!
Looking at a dress and going "Thats fugly".
by nickerbockaglory1998 April 18, 2010
fucking ugly or totally ugly or ugliness to the highest extent possible.

not cool.


Dude! Mandy is one fugly dudette.
by Vagabond Saint February 12, 2010
A person that is Fucking Ugly
Rick-That bitch Is Fugly

John-Yeah i know right
by Silent_Assassin December 08, 2009
Fucking Ugly.
Jane is Fugly because she hasn't hit puberty yet.
by Gay McRaffinsnuffleherzinmyer December 04, 2009

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