Fucking Ugly. It's that simple.
Wow, that chick was really fugly!
by Bunny66 March 04, 2008
it means fuckin`ugly. an abbreveation of the two words fucking and ugly
When I looked out of my window I saw this chick that was fugly
by Nico Forester February 23, 2008
Contraction of f*cking ugly. Means beyond ugly.
That bitch is fugly.
by P. Whack February 13, 2008
a Blend of 2 words, fucken and ugly..
Man, That person is fugly!!
by PedalNinja November 01, 2007
A person who is fuckin' ugly
I had a date last night ,but the chick was "fugly" so I bailed out quick
by Hipczech August 06, 2007
Someone that is so ugly they become fugly...f***in + ugly
That chic is so nasty she is fugly...
by madkitty July 03, 2007
fugly in definition means fucking ugly
that girl over there is fugly as hell
by tim turner June 13, 2007

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