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Fucking Ugly;The result of being hit with a fugly stick.
Gosh, that chick didn't just get hit with the fugly stick, she fell out of the whole tree!
by sgibbons November 21, 2010
eww, shes so fugly!
by arianne! August 17, 2010
Short for fun ugly. Fugly can describe both ugly objects that have fun aspects and ugly people who are nevertheless fun (in bed).
Look at those fugly hats. They are so ugly, but they look kinda fun.

Wow check out that fugly chick she is real ugly but I hear she is kinda fun (in bed).
by spad thatchtr April 01, 2010
A person that is Fucking Ugly
Rick-That bitch Is Fugly

John-Yeah i know right
by Silent_Assassin December 08, 2009
contraction of the words "fat" and "ugly". Used to save time when insulting someone.
"Wow, not gonna lie, but your girl is fugly."
by thebodyartist November 02, 2009
fucking ugly as fuck like a piece of fucked up tofu
fucking uglyass (fugly) bitch in HKIS

that piece of shit
by abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz3421 September 27, 2009
any item that is EXTREMELY ugly
The black high top sneakers are fugly
by Nanabananna August 19, 2009