adjective (-lier, -liest)
Shortened way of saying "fucking ugly"; hideous; revoltingly unsightly; abominably grotesque; sickeningly repugnant; exceedingly unattractive; butt-ugly; ugly as sin; plug-ugly

fuglification (noun), fuglify (verb), fuglily (adverb), fugliness (noun)
1. That was the fugliest fucker I've ever fucked.
2. Fugly ho'!
3. The house across the street underwent a serious fuglification when they put up those orange shutters.
4. I'm'a fuglify you wit' ma' fist!
5. He laughs so fuglily.
6. Your fugliness seeps through even when you are wearing tons of makeup.
by kumugenzobi May 26, 2009
Top Definition
shorter word for "fucking ugly"
oh shit that girl is fugly
by j.r. October 16, 2001
The word ugly and all associated definitions. (fucking ugly with out using profanity)
That bitch is fugly
by Jeff December 09, 2002
Stephen Palmer is FUGLY
by Jamie Windsor March 29, 2005
Describes someone who is so far beyond ugly, they are fuckin' ugly.
That new chick at school is fugly!
by gqmetalhead August 08, 2005
FUCK - UGLY; fuckin ugly
Bleedin' hell luv, you're a bit fugly
You're fugly
Damn! That bitch is fugly!
by bread infection November 07, 2005
Short for Fucking Ugly
Used in the movie "mean girls"
That fat slut is fugly
by BAJKquad February 23, 2006
this means that something or someone is fuckin ugly. It's just a shorter way of sayin it.
that boy/girl is so fugly
by anisha August 07, 2005
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